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Transparent Eyeball is a transdisciplinary collaborative practice steered by artist Adam Vackar together with biologist Dr. Jindrich Brejcha.

Our practice at the intersection of visual art and biology, with overlaps in botany, anthropology, landscape architecture, geology, and philosophy, aims to explore new paradigms of knowledge based on the understanding of the biological perspective of life and existence for both non-human species and humans.

The fascinating processes underlining non-human life can contribute to better understanding of human existence, behavior and culture. We engage audiences with discussions, talks and exhibition


Transdisciplinary symposium
Academy of Arts, Architecture
and Design
Prague, Czech Republic
December 1 - 2. 2022

List of speakers:

Václav Cílek
Geologist, climatologist, writer

Mareike Dittmer
TBA21-Academy, Madrid

Habima Fuchs

Visual artist

Johanna Gibbons
Landscape architect, London, UK

Paloma Gonzalez-Bellido
Professor of ecology University of Minnesota, USA

Stefan Helmreich
Professor of Anthropology at MIT, USA

Tereza Stehlíková
Visual artist

Sissel Tolaas Visual

Neal White
Visual artist, CREAM, University of Westminster, UK

Šárka Zahálková
Visual artist, curator and cultural activist

Are we active enough in the face of the scale of current planetary and environmental challenges? Where are we heading in our thoughts and actions?
How can we change our habits to protect our habitat (environment)? Place and environment shape us as much as we shape it; there is a deep reciprocity on Earth that has long been neglected.

This transdisciplinary symposium was born out of an urgent need to reformulate our relationship to our physical and mental environments, near and far, human and non-human.

The In-habit Symposium will bring together scientists, artists and cultural workers from the Czech Republic, the USA, Germany and the UK, institutions such as MIT, University of Minnesota, TBA21-Academy, Charles University.

Where is the right balance in our relationship between human and non-human agents? How can contemporary art, science and other disciplines come together to rethink and shift our point of view, to access non-human perspectives, non-human motivations, to change our habits and successfully coexist? What role does embodiment/senses play in training our sensibility? We need to rethink human behavior and point out the functional behavioral systems for the future.

Organized together with Tangible Territory, an open access art, science & philosophy journal, which focuses on how we make sense of the world through all our senses and the importance of place and embodied experience in giving meaning to our everyday experience of life and art.

The symposium received financial support through grants provided by the Ministry of Culture of the 
Czech Republic and the City of Prague.

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