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Transparent Eyeball is a transdisciplinary collaborative practice steered by artist Adam Vackar together with biologist Dr. Jindrich Brejcha.

Our practice at the intersection of visual art and biology, with overlaps in botany, anthropology, landscape architecture, geology, and philosophy, aims to explore new paradigms of knowledge based on the understanding of the biological perspective of life and existence for both non-human species and humans.

The fascinating processes underlining non-human life can contribute to better understanding of human existence, behavior and culture. We engage audiences with discussions, talks and exhibition


    Life Discussions 
Transdisciplinary lecture marathon
    Centre for Contemporary Art
    Prague, Czech Republic
      March 12, 2022

    List of speakers:

    Adam Vackar and Jindrich Brejcha
    Introduction, Transparent Eyeball

    Michael Bok
    Department of Biology, Lund University, Sweden

    Reuben Fowkes
    UCL Institute of Advanced Studies, London, UK

    Johannes Jaeger
    Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Vienna, Austria

    Miranda Lowe
    Scientist, Natural History Museum, London, UK

    Katja Novitskova
    Visual artist, Amsterdam

    Michael J. Ryan
    Professor, University of Texas in Austin

    Kostas Stasinopoulos
    Curator at the Serpentine gallery, London, UK

    Antonin Strizek
    Scientist, Academy of Sciences, Prague
    Transdisciplinary symposium to discuss how art and culture can co-exist, complement each other, and help to disseminate knowledge and understanding on biological problems.

    Life Discussions aims to bring new perspectives on how artists, art theorists and biologists can engage together in a collaborative insight into the relation between biological principles that drive our own creativity and our need to communicate. We want to build our understanding on solutions that life on Earth offers.

    Today’s environmental issues are often complex. Finding effective strategies that encourage public awareness and stewardship are paramount for long-term conservation of species and ecosystems. Artists and biologists combined approach thrives to disseminate knowledge about ecology to non-specialists through novel art-science participatory research. 

    We invited internationally renowed scientists, artists and theoreticians to discuss the evolutionary driven process of art-making as well as to show that humans are inseparable part of the natural world and share planet with other beings with completely different interests and perception. 

    The lectures are pondering around questions of invasiveness among among plants and humans, beauty as a biological concept, public interventions related to environement, non-human perspective, the total difference of perception of the world we take as granted by Mantis shrimp, species with the most developped sight of all known beings and other themes.  

    To watch all lectures online click here