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Transparent Eyeball is a transdisciplinary collaborative practice steered by artist Adam Vackar together with biologist Dr. Jindrich Brejcha.

Our practice at the intersection of visual art and biology, with overlaps in botany, anthropology, landscape architecture, geology, and philosophy, aims to explore new paradigms of knowledge based on the understanding of the biological perspective of life and existence for both non-human species and humans.

The fascinating processes underlining non-human life can contribute to better understanding of human existence, behavior and culture. We engage audiences with discussions, talks and exhibition


Niche Construction
Group Exhibition
NOD, Prague, Czech Republic
25.7. – 14.9.2023

Artists: Gerard Ortin Castellvi, Shezad Dawood, Andro Eradze, Pilar Mata Dupont, Martin Netočný, Andrey Shental, Adam Vačkář

Biologist - texts: Vojtěch Abrahám, Martin Adámek, Jindřich Brejcha, Kristýna Eliášová, Roman Figura, Petr Tureček, Martin Weiser

Niche construction, a vital biological process, involves organisms altering their environment or that of other species. This change can manifest as a physical alteration, a shift in the organism's role within a new environment, or even the adoption of novel behaviors prompting responses from other organisms.

Currently, niche construction theory stands as a focal point in evolutionary ecology, captivating the attention of both artists working through moving images and biologists expressing their insights in written form. Collaboratively, artists and biologists delve into specific natural processes that underlie human existence.

The texts penned by biologists serve as a wellspring of inspiration, sparking curiosity about the narratives of these natural processes. Understanding these processes should ideally be at the core of future education, shedding light on the intricate ways in which humans and nature are shaped and interconnected, aspects of which many remain blissfully unaware.